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Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Inspection
As a certified ITC Level II Thermographer, I don't mind telling you that this non-invasive form of inspection equipment is really impressive.  It measures contrasting surface temperatures and shows potential issues impossible for the eye to see during a normal "visual" inspection.
 The picture on the left shows an interior wall.  Any inspector (us included) doing a visual-only inspection of this wall would tell you no problems were noticed.  The picture on the right is the same wall viewed with an infrared camera.  The problems not noticed with the visual-only inspection, turned out to be a termite infestation inside the wall with damaged boards.
The picture on the left shows a typical ceiling with popcorn texture.  The home inspection report would have showed "no problems noted" if visually inspected with the eye only.  The picture on the right taken with an infrared camera shows a blue spot which turned out to be moisture from a leaking shower pan on the second floor.  The spot was tested with a meter to confirm the moisture determination.  The seller did not disclose this because he did not know about it.  And without the infrared inspection, the buyer would not know it either...until later.

The picture on the left shows the tile floor next to the shower.  There are no problems visible here.   The true story is told in the infrared picture on the right.  The shower pan is actually leaking under the floor tile waiting to cause untold problems.

The picture on the left shows a normal bunch of light switches.  After a careful visual-only inspection, which includes flipping the switches on and off, it is determined that there is no problem to report.  The picture on the right taken with the infrared camera shows a switch posing a potential electrical fire hazard.

And last, but far from least, we have a picture on the left showing no problems at all.  However, the infrared picture on the right helps us determine that there is a roof leaking into the bathroom ceiling and walls.  It's not visible yet...but it will become visible later on.

The anomalies shown here, and many more like them, are missed by home inspectors everyday because they simply cannot be seen, even with the sharpest eye.  Thermal imaging cameras help bring some unseen things into focus.  The equipment, and extensive training, is very expensive and inspecting with a thermal imaging camera requires a higher premium.

We offer a mini-thermal infrared inspection for $100.00 extra.  This covers the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, and adjacent areas which may be affected by moisture problems.
It also includes checking all the electrical switches, outlets and panel boxes for potential overheating problems, typically caused by loose connections.  An Advanced thermographic inspection costs $275.00 extra and it covers the complete house interior and attic space.

A Comphrensive thermographic inspection covers the whole house, interior and exterior, and is usually performed early morning or evening with prices starting at $550.00.

Thermal imaging and moisture mapping are available for commercial roofs as well.

"When Knowing Is More Important Than Wondering"

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