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InspecTexas is also a TREC licensed Elective Continuing Education training provider #10090

We currently offer "Lunch 'n Learn" classes to agents and brokers as our way of saying, "Thank You". 

Current classes available:

Septic Systems:  Information For Buyers And Sellers (Course #33797  1 Hour)

The course objective is to provide the information needed to inform potential buyers and sellers of the design and functionality of onsite septic systems.  Both conventional and aerobic systems will be discussed along with methods and procedures to identify, locate, and evaluate existing systems

                                   What Him Say?  Deciphering The WDI Report (Course #30402 1 Hour)

Is it okay for the inspector to recommend a treatment for nearly no reason at all?  Should you hire the inspector to also do a treatment?  Need-to-know items about the rules governing the WDI inspection and report will be learned in this illuminating course.

                               The ABC's of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections  (Course #30403 1 Hour)

Infrared cameras are becoming more popular with home inspectors as the price of the equipment goes down.  But the learning curve is a bit steep and many will find themselves in trouble if they are not trained to interpret the images properly...which could also bode poorly for your client and your pending sale.  Learn about the newest toy, it's limitations, and view the world through an infrared camera in class.

Moldy Notions And Emotions  (Course #30404 1 Hour)

What are the chances that you breathed in mold today?  Pretty high actually.  Arm yourself with the basic knowledge this course will provide and you'll be able to speak with confidence when your client expresses fear about that little speck of "black stuff on the tile" in the bathtub.  Having our state licensed Mold Assessment Consultant in your box of experts won't hurt either.

                                                                 SOPHI And The Agent  (Course #31770 2 Hours)

This course explains the basic Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors (SOPHI).  Agents will benefit from having a working understanding of the guiding force behind what inspectors are required to do, what they are allowed to do, and what they cannot do.  This class will also help the Agent discern whether the inspector is providing a minimal service, or going above and beyond the required Standard of Practice, either of which may be to the benefit (or detriment) of the potential sale.

​Supra and  eKey Holder
Austin Board of Realtors
Temple-Belton Board of Realtors
Fort Hood Association of Realtors
San Angelo Association of Realtors
Waco Association of Realtors

Wes Retherford is licensed by TREC as a qualifing course instructor for inspectors  (#105) and elective continuing education instructor for inspectors, agents and brokers. (#3710)

Mel Bowman is licensed by TREC as an elective continuing education instructor for agents and brokers. (#4177)

Pursuant to Rule 535.65  the instructor will not recruit or solicit prospective salespersons or brokers in a classroom during class time.

All of the services provided by InspecTexas are performed with our own in-house personnel.  No third party companies are used.